React Native Android App run on emulator doesn't connect to metro bundler when installed using android-studio


My React-Native(0.68.1) project runs properly on my emulator when using npx react-native run-android command and everything works fine with the metro bundler instance created by this command.

Only when I run project from android studio (2021.3.1 Patch 1) , app is build successfully and installed on emulator, but cannot connect to metro bundler (which I separately run using npx react-native start command).

I wanted to try and update the debug server & port as mentioned in other similar questions , but I cannot access the debug app menu even after dismissing the error (menu doesn’t show when ipress the shortcut)

Issue also occurs on build installed on emulator via npx react-native run-android when I close the app and metro bundler created by the command and start a separate metro bundler. In this case but I am able to enter settings menu and enter "debug server and port " to and app connects to metro.

I am using mac mini m1.


To fix this issue

first of all, start your emulator and run adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081 this command on the terminal and then run npx react-native start and then run your project in the android studio and it will automatically link your app to that bundle

Answered By – hiren khatri

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