Read and Write xlsx file, from pandas dataframe to specific directory


I have a function in python, that basically merges three txt files into one file, in xlsx format.
For that I use pandas package.
So I am running the python function in a certain directory. This function has the input as a specific path. Then the function takes this path, list the files of the directory, and filter the files that are needed. Meaning that, since I only want to read the txt files, I then filter the txt files. However, when I try to convert this txt files into pandas dataframe, the dataframe is None.
Also, I want to write a final xlsx to the directory where the initial files are.
Here is my function:

def concat_files(path):
    arr2 = os.listdir(mypath)
    for i, items_list in enumerate(arr2):
        if len(items_list) > 50:
    chunks= [files_separate[x:x+3] for x in range(0,len(files_separate),3)]
    while chunks:
        for items_1 in focus:
            if items_1.endswith(''):
                pandas_dataframe.to_excel('destiny_path/' + str(header_file)+'.final.xlsx')


you need to create the folders before exporting the xlsx files.
so assuming you already have the folders created.

change this line

pandas_dataframe.to_excel('destiny_path/' + str(header_file)+'.final.xlsx')


pandas_dataframe.to_excel(os.path.join('destiny_path' ,str(header_file),'.final.xlsx'))

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