Rebase onto another branch and remove changes of old one


I have:

A--B             (master)
     C--D        (bad-branch)
          E--F   (my-branch)

The result i want:

A--B             (master)
     E--F        (my-branch)

I tried rebase my-branch onto master but when i push my-branch to repo, it’s merged with the origin and the bad commits with the changes come back.


You can rebase a number of commits onto another branch using the --onto flag.

First make sure you have the branch checked out you want to rebase (not strictly necessary as you can provide that arg to rebase, but step-by-step is often clearer and easier).

git checkout my-branch
# or git switch my-branch

Rebase the top two commits onto master:

git rebase --onto master @~2

An alternative to counting the number of commits is to just use the bad branch name as a ref:

git rebase --onto master bad-branch

In your example @~2 on my-branch is the same commit as bad-branch so they could be used interchangeably.

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