"Remote machine is AAD" but "The logon attempt failed"


I setup Remote Desktop Connection and the computer says: AzureAD\username already has access:

enter image description here

Very good, let’s try to connect using AzureAD\username:

enter image description here

Unfortunately it says:

Your credential did not work. Remote machine is AAD joined. If you are
signing in to your work account, try using your work email address.

Of course it didn’t work. Any idea?


To successfully connect to an AzureAD joined computer using Remote Desktop, you will need to first save your connection settings to a .rdp file.

To do this, open the Remote Desktop Connection program, enter the IP Address or computer name, then click the “Save As” button at the bottom of the screen. Save it someplace convenient, since we’ll need to edit this file by hand.

Next, Right-Click the saved .rdp file and open with Notepad.

Go to the very bottom of the file, add the following lines:

authentication level:i:2

Save the file and close.

Now, try double clicking the modified .rdp file and login using the format:


Screenshots, original information and credit go to bradleyschacht.com

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