render message in 2 lines in pug file expressjs


I have a expressjs route where i render a product.pug file.

 res.render('product', {
  title: '',
  message: 'Hello.\n'
      + '\n there.',

and now want to render these in a new line in a .pug file.Like hello in one line and there will be in another line.But it always shows in a single line

This is what i have done so far in pug/jade file to show the message
in two lines

   if message
         .alert.alert-danger(role='alert' style='background-color:#f2dede')
                   p(style='color: black')

How i can show the message in 2 lines .Can i also pass css through the message in express like font-weight,color. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


A new line character in HTML text is rendered as a space, provided it is not adjacent to another space-like character.

To achieve what you want, your Pug view file has to be aware that your data is as you specified it to be. If so, then try:

if message
    p!=message.replace(/\n/g, "<br/>")

The above is dangerous if you are not in control of the message contents. To be safe, add more code:

if message
  - const lines = message.split("\n")
    each line,i in lines
      if i>0
      | #{line}

The last conditional statement is to prevent an extra <br/> if there is no \n in message.

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