Reset all $stateParams to their default


How do I reset all $stateParams to their defined default? Of course, I could reset them by hand like:

$state.go(".", {
  param1: "",
  param2: 0,
  param3: false

But it would be nice to auto reset to their defined default.

  .state("myState", {
    url: "?param1&param2&param3",
    params: {
      param1: {
        value: "",
        type: "string",
        squash: true
      param2: {
        value: 0,
        type: "int",
        squash: true
      param3: {
        value: false,
        type: "bool",
        squash: true

Doing it manually forces me to look up every parameters value, before setting a value.

And I totally do NOT want to set everything to undefined, as this may break some logics.


Adding version info:

  • AngularJS 1.6.3
  • UI-Router: 1.0.0-beta.3


A little late but if someone as the same problem:

You can set the inherit TransitionOptions to false to force the default value of params.

$state.go(".", {param1: ""}, {inherit: false});

See doc here:

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