Restore file from git repository using IntelliJ IDEA


I have deleted files in my project, committed that and done other commits since then.

Now I need about 15 of those files. There are answers (like the question) on how to do this using git command line.

How can I do the same thing in IntelliJ IDEA?


I found a way for both situations, either knowing the deleting commit or not even knowing it.

Case 1: Let’s start with the easier one, where I do know the commit:

  1. In “Version Control > Log” view select the commit (search box helps to find it)
  2. In box on right hand side (file tree) select all files to recover
  3. Right-click and “Revert selected changes”

Case 2: Now if I don’t know the deleting commit I can either try to narrow the commit log down using the “Paths” filter option. Or I can run these shell commands to get the exact commit (and search that in git log):

  1. List all deleted files in repo: git log --diff-filter=D --summary | grep delete
  2. Find deleting commit for one of those files: git rev-list -n 1 HEAD -- [deleted-filename]
  3. Continue with steps of Case 1 above

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