Run php file after post_updated in WordPress


I wrote a PHP script to create and XML of all my WooCommerce products.
This runs every night via a cronjob and works fine. But I want it to run after post_updated, how can I manage to do this? Can’t figure it out 🙁

function check_values(){
    //Here it needs to run the specific PHP file to create the new XML after for example updating the product price
add_action( 'post_updated', 'check_values', 10, 3 );


Set the cron script to run every 10 minutes instead of once a day

At the beginning of your xml generation script put a check

$status = get_option( 'cron_job_xml' );

if($status != 'on') {
} else {
update_option( 'cron_job_xml', 'off', 'no' );

And this code to functions.php

function check_values(){

update_option( 'cron_job_xml', 'on', 'no' );

add_action( 'post_updated', 'check_values', 10, 3 );

Now when we update the post, we will change the value of option
And the cron script will check the value and run only when there are updates.

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