Running Pycharm as root from launcher


How is it possible to run Pycharm from the launcher with root privileges?

I can do that from the terminal window, with sudo ./, but I’d like to do the same directly from the launcher.


I have encountered another way to solve this issue so I thought to share it (this answer is more like an alternative for the other answers).

It is worth to mention that this solution "attacks" the problem by running only a certain Python script (within the PyCharm IDE) in root mode , and not the entire PyCharm application.

1) Disable requiring password for running Python:

This will be achieved by editing the /etc/sudoers.d/python file. What we need to do is add an entry in that file as follows:

user host = (root) NOPASSWD: full_path_to_python , for example:

guya ubuntu = (root) NOPASSWD /usr/bin/python


user can be detected by the command: whoami

host can be detected by the command: hostname

2) Create a "sudo script": The purpose of this script is to give python privilege to run as root user.

Create a script called , and add the following into it:


sudo /usr/bin/python "[email protected]"

Note, again, that the path is the path to your Python as the previous phase.

Don’t forget to give execution permissions to this script using the command: chmod, i.e.-

chmod +x

3) Use the script as your PyCharm interpreter:

Within PyCharm go to: File --> Settings --> Project interpreter

At the right top hand side click the "setting" icon, and click "Add local".

In the browser option choose the script we have created previously. This will give PyCharm the privilege to run a python script as root.

4) Debug the test: All there is left to do is actually debug the specific Python script in the PyCharm IDE. This can be done easily via Right-click on the script to debug –> hit "Debug"

Hope it was helpful and let me know if there are any mistakes in this approach.

Answered By – Guy Avraham

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