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I have a website that generates a list of items using some javascript and I am trying to scrape it inside my flutter app using beautiful soap package for dart. The thing is that I am unable to scrape the dynamic data generated by the java script. I want to implement a solution that allows me to grab the source code of the website after it fully loads inside the app. A hidden webview inside the app would be perfect but what is blocking me is that how to get the data after the webview loads. This is my main concern. Code examples would be appreciated. Also better practices are welcomed.


What I have came to realize is that scraping dynamic websites that contain some javascript or a website that you want to click in it using a certain script to scrape it properly is not possible over flutter mobile. What you should do is to move the scraping to the cloud by creating your own api then using this api to return the response to your app. This will make scraping easier since you will not have to update your app for every error you find in your scripts. Also imagine that the website that you target updates itself every week, then you will have to update your app every week and wait for approval from all the stores you are subscribed to. A simple example would be using cloud functions from firebase in combination with javascript by utilizing the puppeteer package. A simple video tutorial is here: Tutorial over youtube

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