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This question has been asked before, but in different forms, regarding some specific use cases, and so far there has been no answer. I finally got it working, so I am sharing this here, but this should not be marked as a duplicate since all the previous questions specify specific stuff, like Columns with scrollable Modifiers, or LazyRows, but this will resolve all the issues in general, I mean all the lazy-scrollers, and hopefully even scrollable containers in general. I’ll post the answer so this is just a piece of knowledge that I wished to share with the community, also, any improvements are welcome, of course.


This is the full working solution:-

fun DUME() {

    val stateRowX = rememberLazyListState() // State for the first Row, X
    val stateRowY = rememberLazyListState() // State for the second Row, Y

    Column { // Placing two Lazy Rows one above the other for the example

        LazyRow(state = stateRowY) {
            items(LoremIpsum(10).values.toList()) {

        LazyRow(state = stateRowX) {
            items(LoremIpsum(10).values.toList()) {
                Text(text = it)


    //This might seem crazy

    LaunchedEffect(stateRowX.firstVisibleItemScrollOffset) {

    LaunchedEffect(stateRowY.firstVisibleItemScrollOffset) {

The items import here is :, this accepts a list instead of a number (the size).

Answered By – Richard Onslow Roper

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