Selecting multiple rows with React-Table? (Shift + Click)


does anyone know a way to select multiple rows with React-Table. Say if we wish to click a cell in a row and then press SHIFT and then select another row and perhaps color code the selected rows with CSS? Is this even possible?


I found a way to do it. Let me know if you have any questions. Basically just need to implement on your own.

   state = {
    selected: null,
    selectedRows: [],

  previousRow = null;

  handleClick = (state, rowInfo) => {
    if (rowInfo) {
      return {
        onClick: (e) => {
          let selectedRows = [];
          // if shift key is being pressed upon click and there is a row that was previously selected, grab all rows inbetween including both previous and current clicked rows
          if (e.shiftKey && this.previousRow) {
            // if previous row is above current row in table
            if (this.previousRow.index < rowInfo.index) {
              for (let i = this.previousRow.index; i <= rowInfo.index; i++) {
            // or the opposite
            } else {
              for (let i = rowInfo.index; i <= this.previousRow.index; i++) {
          } else {
            // add _index field so this entry is same as others from sortedData
            rowInfo._index = rowInfo.index;
            this.previousRow = rowInfo;
          this.setState({ selected: rowInfo.index, selectedRows })
        style: {
          // check index of rows in selectedRows against all rowInfo's indices, to match them up, and return true/highlight row, if there is a index from selectedRows in rowInfo/the table data
          background: this.state.selectedRows.some((e) => e._index === rowInfo.index) && '#9bdfff',
    } else {
      return {}

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