Selenium find iframe inside second tr that table as another tr that contains specific text


Not sure if the title is clear.

I have the following table:

                <div>Text to Find</div>

and I have several of this blocks inside the application I am testing (this is simplified)

I want to get the iframe that is inside the "Text to Find" that this changes on each table that contains the iframe.

Is it possible? I have try something like this but isn’t working:

//table[contains(.,'Text to Find')]/tbody/tr[2]/td/iframe


You are hard coding the row number in the x-path //table[contains(.,'Text to Find')]/tbody/tr[2]/td/iframe.

Your can try the following x-path.

//table/tbody/tr/td/div[contains(.,'Text to Find')]//iframe

Answered By – Murthi

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