Selenium unable to find Button


I am trying to click on the "Next Page"-Button on the Web of Science Search-Site to iterate through all pages.
Here is a screenshot of the HTML of the page (highlighted is the button)

This is my code to find the button:

driver.find_element_by_class_name('mat-focus-indicator mat-icon-button mat-button-base').click()

But I receive this error:
NoSuchElementException: Message: no such element: Unable to locate element: {"method":"css selector","selector":".mat-focus-indicator mat-icon-button mat-button-base"}

I have tried so many ways of identifying the button (find_by_id, find_by_name, find_by_link_text) but nothing works.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance


Maybe try with Query Selector like:


You can always try selectors on elemnts panel (like on screenshort) and type your selector in field "Find by string, css, or xpath"

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