Separating file extensions using python os.path module


I’m working in python with os.path.splitext() and curious if it is possible to separate filenames from extensions with multiple “.”? e.g. “foobar.aux.xml” using splitext. Filenames vary from [foobar, foobar.xml, foobar.aux.xml]. Is there a better way?


Split with os.extsep.

>>> import os
>>> 'filename.ext1.ext2'.split(os.extsep)
['filename', 'ext1', 'ext2']

If you want everything after the first dot:

>>> 'filename.ext1.ext2'.split(os.extsep, 1)
['filename', 'ext1.ext2']

If you are using paths with directories that may contain dots:

>>> def my_splitext(path):
...     """splitext for paths with directories that may contain dots."""
...     li = []
...     path_without_extensions = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(path), os.path.basename(path).split(os.extsep)[0])
...     extensions = os.path.basename(path).split(os.extsep)[1:]
...     li.append(path_without_extensions)
...     # li.append(extensions) if you want extensions in another list inside the list that is returned.
...     li.extend(extensions)
...     return li
>>> my_splitext('/path.with/dots./filename.ext1.ext2')
['/path.with/dots./filename', 'ext1', 'ext2']

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