Serve Ionic 5 Cordova application over HTTPS


Is there a way to provide Ionic 5 (Cordova) application over https ?

I work with stripe and I need to implement Stripe.js.

When i serve my application with :
ionic serve --prod
I have the following warning :

v3:1 You may test your Stripe.js integration over HTTP. However, live Stripe.js integrations must use HTTPS.

Is there a way to serve a Ionic 5 with cordova application in order to use Stripe.js ?


As far as I know it’s not possible to use HTTPS. There’s a thread with useful details in the Ionic forums about why this isn’t a viable approach.

However, Stripe.js specifically allows file://, ionic://, and httpsionic:// protocols, so using one of those should allow your app to work in production without issue.

Answered By – Justin Michael

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