Set default value of dropdown in Angular 6


I am populating DropDown using service. service returns simple Array of key/value pair.


public initializeForm(): void {
        this.form ={
            supplierId: ["", [Validators.required]],
            username: ["", Validators.required],
            credentials: ["", [Validators.required]],
            rating: [""]

this.adminService.getSuppliers({ active: "true" }).subscribe(res => {
    this.suppliers = res;


<select class="form-control" formControlName="supplierId">
     <option>Select Supplier</option>
     <option *ngFor="let s of suppliers" [value]="s.supplierId">{{s.supplierName}}</option>

As you can see in below image, default option is not set as selected
option on page load. I want default option to be selected on page load same like simple HTML and fires required field validation when I try to submit page by selecting default option in dropdown

enter image description here

If i set default option value to 0, it doesn’t support required validation and consider as valid if I select default option


Set validation.min with required as well like below one.

supplierId: ["", [Validators.required, Validators.min(1)]]

supplierId is always greater zero so min(1) works for you.

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