Set http server requestTimeout in TypeScript


Recently, we had to upgrade our Node version to 18.4 because of reasons. And one of the new features of Node 18 is that the http server now has a default 5 minute timeout for requests which breaks certain slow endpoints in our app. We need to increase that.

Our project is in TypeScript and having code like:

import * as express from 'express';
import * as http from 'http'; = express();
//numerous configurations
const server = http.createServer(;

Now here would be the part where we increase this timeout. However, none of the following work

server.requestTimeout = 9000000; // some large number

TSError: тип Unable to compile TypeScript:
server/init.ts:232:12 – error TS2339: Property ‘requestTimeout’ does not exist on type ‘Server’.

server.setTimeout(9000000); //does not actually increase the request timeout

However, if launch a debugger and manually input server.requestTimeout = 9000000 in the console, that seems to work perfectly.

So how do I go about changing this property?


Update the corresponding @type/ package. If the package is up to date, it’s maybe not yet patched. You can create a .d.ts to augment the type declaration with the missing property. That should do the trick until they patch it.

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