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I’m looking to install Git in a custom location different from the default usr/local/git/bin/git directory that the package installer from the website installs to.

For example, I just tried copying the contents of usr/local/git to /Users/braitsch/my-git and updating my path variable to /Users/braitsch/my-git/bin and now Git’s unhappy saying that it can’t find some of its commands such as git -stash.

I also just tried setting ./git exec-path=/Users/braitsch/my-git/libexec/git-core but that doesn’t seem to be taking.

So my question is how can I setup a custom install of Git without the use of package managers or pre-built installers? I’d love to find a scenario that I could easily use on both Mac and Windows.


It looks like Git stash (and possibly other commands) will fail if you move the directory that gets installed at usr/local/git via the package installer to another location. How can I get around this? I’m trying to run Git from a custom location but it appears this is not possible via the builds on the site?


What works fine for me (including git stash) is to clone the git repository, e.g. with:

git clone git://
cd git

(I had previously installed the build dependencies with sudo apt-get build-dep git, which will work on a recent Debian-based distribution – otherwise if you get a build error you’ll just have to install git’s build dependencies with whatever mechanism you normally use.)

Then you can call this git with:

$ export GIT_EXEC_PATH=~/git/
$ ~/git/git --version
git version 1.7.7.rc0.72.g4b5ea

… or using ~/git/git --exec-path=/home/mark/git instead of the environment variable.

You can move the built source tree to anywhere, and it still works, e.g.:

$ mv ~/git ~/tmp/
$ export GIT_EXEC_PATH=~/tmp/git/
$ ~/tmp/git/git --version
git version 1.7.7.rc0.72.g4b5ea

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