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I have a table with blog posts. I want to select the most recent posts and using PHP echo a divider between them similar to the example below. I was thinking about storing all results in PHP arrays and then echoing, is there an easier way via MySQL?

Thursday, Sept 8th
Post 1 
Post 2

Friday, Sept 9th
post 3
post 4


This is an idea:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM posts ORDER by post_date DESC";
$posts = $con->query($sql);

$previous_date = "";
foreach ($posts as $row){
    //here goes the date
    if($post['post_date'] != $previous_date){
        echo $post['post_date'];
        echo "<br>--------------------<br>";
        $previous_date = $post['post_date'];
    //here goes the post
    echo "Post:{$post['title']}<br>";

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