Sort array of objects based on string parameter


I have the following array of objects:

       "id" : 1,
       "pricePerDay" : 50,
       "id" : 2,
       "pricePerDay" : 70   

Based on the user input from a i want to filter either ASC or DESC on the pricePerday. Obviously this would work with:

 this.products.sort((a, b) => parseFloat(b.pricePerDay) - parseFloat(a.pricePerDay));

BUT i have the variable filterType which now contains the string 'pricePerDay'. How can I use this variable to search the array of objects to properties that have the same key and sort this arry based on that key?


this.products.sort((a, b) => parseFloat(b[filterType]) - parseFloat(a[filterType]));

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Answered By – Sanket Shah

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