Split a string with HTML <br> tag into multiline string


I’ve a string that contains html break tag to split the string as I would like to split the string into multiple lines but it doesn’t seem to render the string as multi-line in UI. How can I achieve the following?

testString = "This is line one<br>This is line two<br>This is line three"

Expected Output:

This is line one
This is line two
This is line three

I read about dangerouslysettinginnerHTML but don’t want to use it in my code. As far as split is concerned what I did was I tried

text.split('<br>').map(each => each + <br>)

but that didn’t work. Any hint or help would be appreciated.


The easiest way to do this outside of dangerouslySetInnerHTML is split and flat-map the string to an array of JSX elements.

  .split(/<br ?\/?>/)
  .flatMap((line, i) => [line, <br key={`line-${i}`} />])}

The regex delimiter is designed to split on any form of <br>, <br/> or <br />.

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