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In my Spring Data repository I (have to) use custom queries using the @Query annotation. I know I can limit the number of results in a named query like that

Iterable<Person> findFirst5OrderByLastName()

or that it is possible to limit the number of results by passing a pageable like that

Iterable<Person> findByLastName(String lastName, Pageable pageable)

But is it possible to achieve the same when using a custom @Query annotation?



as I see my question is a little confusing, some clearification:
What I want is to limit the number of the results I get, when using a custom query, so that I neither

1) need to specify the result-size through a pageable

2) need to use a named query to specify the result-size

In fact I want the limitation of the number of results to be completely transparent when invoking method (hence not passing a Pageable) and to not rely on the naming-scheme of Spring Data (as the meaning/function of the method is best conveyed through a custom name)


You can try this:

@Table(name = "persons") 
public class Person {

@Query(value = "select * from persons limit 50", nativeQuery = true)
List<Person> getFirst50();

Don’t forget to check whether your SQL server supports the limit keyword.

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