Spring with SAML for http-artifact binding


For sometime now i have been trying to find a solution to the SAML http-artifact binding :(.
I am using the OpenSAML with spring . I am able to get it working with the http-post . my requirement is http-artifact. ie. the after getting the artifact i need to fetch the assertion via a back end SAOP call. Could you please give me some sample configuration code ? . Also please let me knw the if i need to make it work with the both SAML1 and SAML 2 . your help is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


The artifact can be resolved using the ArtifactResolve class. This is sent to the artifact resolution service and the assertion is returned. Here is a OpenSAML example I wrote.

Resolve artifact with opensaml

Answered By – Stefan Rasmusson

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