SQL query to get the result of sum travelled on date and target 5000 (rolling subtraction should get subtracted everyday date in ordered date)


I am new to SQL or MySQL so could anyone suggest me how to get the required result

Date travelled
22-2-2011 100km
22-2-2011 200km
30-2-2011 200km
23-2-2011 600km
23-2-2011 200km

My SQL query:

SELECT target - SUM(km) 
FROM table 
GROUP BY date;

I am trying to get the result.

That the given target is 5000 and i should add each day data and subtract it by 5000 and next day the remaining target will be deleted by sum.

If I enter 22-02-2022

Output: 300 (ie is sum) and 4700 (ie 5000-sum of travelled km)

And next time if I enter the next date ie 23-02-2022

Output: 800 (ie is sum) and 3900 (ie 4700-sum of travelled km)


You can aggregate by Date to get each day’s total and with SUM() window function get the running total and subtract it from the target:

       SUM(SUM(travelled)) OVER (ORDER BY Date) total,
       5000 - SUM(SUM(travelled)) OVER (ORDER BY Date) remaining
FROM tablename

See the demo.

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