Ssh keeps forgetting the keys


This is the problem: I use Git Shell installed with GitHub for Windows.
I have 3 ssh keys inside C:\Users\MyName\.ssh:

  • github_rsa (this is the key generated by github for windows)
  • id_rsa (generated by me)
  • tm_rsa (generated by me)

I inserted the key with this command:

ssh-add ~/.ssh/github_rsa
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
ssh-add ~/.ssh/tm_rsa

Everytime I reboot the computer, ssh keeps forgetting the keys. if i do this command ssh-add -L, it shows only one key, usually github_rsa.

How can I avoid having to enter the keys each time?


I think you have to add it to your git bash shell, in .bashrc

eval `ssh-agent`

Answered By – Stuart Siegler

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