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I just unzipped Talend Open Studio v8.0.1 on a my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop.

When I launch it I get the "license agreement" page and there is an encoding problem as shown in fig 1: Talend 8 encoding problem

Using the app, I get the same issue in all multi-line fields, as show in fig 2 tSOAP widget encoding problem. I imported some project and ran it: the console log shows the same encoding problem.

I tried various JDK (openjdk-11, Zulu openjdk-11, Oracle JDK 11, openjdk-13) and other versions of TOS (v6.4.1, v7.5.1). Tried various LANG environment variable values (fr_FR.UTF-8, en_IN.UTF-8). Tried to change fonts in Preferences. Tried to launch TOS from another newly created unix account. None of these attempts worked.

The nice Talend community support has no more ideas (Talend community discussion).

The problem seems very difficult to reproduce (one colleage with same laptop and OS doesn’t see it) so I ask here. I put an Eclipse tag as Talend Open Studio is an Eclipse Based App.

Thank you.


I have the same issue than you:

Bug display on console output

And to solve this, I had to change some default config about font:

Menu Window > Preferences.

Then, on the left, go to Talend > Appearance, and change font used for "memo text font" and for "Console Text Font".

At the display, the font selector is showing the bug you described:

Bug display on font selector

…and, by selecting other font, this bug disappears.

Bug display on font selector fixed by choosing other font

For me it is working:

Bug fixed in console output

Seems simple but I have spent a lot of time to fixed that.

My config :

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • OpenJDK 11.0.15
  • Talend Open Studio 7.3.1 and 8.0.1

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