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I’m loading a dataset of images with image_dataset_from_directory and it gives me a PrefetchDataset with my images and their associated label one-hot encoded.

In order to build a binary image classifier, I want to transform my PrefetchDataset labels to know if an image is a photo or somethings else.

Here’s how I wrote it:

batch_size = 32
img_height = 250
img_width = 250

train_ds = image_dataset_from_directory(
  image_size=(img_height, img_width),

class_names = train_ds.class_names
# ['Painting', 'Photo', 'Schematics', 'Sketch', 'Text'] in my case

# Convert label to 1 is a photo or else 0
i = 1 # class_names.index('Photo')

def is_photo(batch):
    for images, labels in batch:
        bool_labels = tf.constant([int(l == 1) for l in labels],
        labels = bool_labels
    return batch

new_train_ds = train_ds.apply(is_photo)

My problem is that the new_train_ds doesn’t defers from train_ds which leads me to thinks there must be an issue with the apply method.
I also checked bool_labels and it works just fine.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this issue.


Maybe try something like this:

train_ds = x, y: (x, tf.cast(y == 1, dtype=tf.int64)))

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