The emulator process for avd has terminated


Have problem with launching emulator of Android via Android Studio.

When I tried to do it – I got next warning message:

The emulator process for avd has terminated.

I checked log and main expression was:

Broken AVD system path.
Check your ANDROID_SDK_ROOT value [C:\Users\\avd\Pixel_XL_API_30.avd\Pixel_XL_API_30.avd]!

(I tried to change path many times, so don’t pay attention to it)

When I tried to launch emulator from folder – I got crash report "qt5core android emu dll doesn’t exist" and more other related dll. (HAEX installed, Android Studio latest version, Default Androids SDK is in disk D). All folders (platform-tools and other) are not corrupted .

Terminated process

Disk D



You may turn off vulkan by adding this file to your User(your user).android

(if not exist), till google solve the bug about Vulkan.

the file: advancedFeatures.ini


    BluetoothEmulation = on
    GrallocSync = on
    GLDMA = on
    LogcatPipe = on
    GLAsyncSwap = on
    GLESDynamicVersion = on
    EncryptUserData = on
    VirtioWifi = on
    HostComposition = on
    RefCountPipe = on
    VirtioInput = on
    HardwareDecoder = on
    DynamicPartition = on
    ModemSimulator= on
    MultiDisplay = on
    YUVCache = on
    GLDirectMem = on
    Vulkan = off
    VulkanNullOptionalStrings = on
    VulkanIgnoredHandles = on
    Mac80211hwsimUserspaceManaged = on
    VirtconsoleLogcat = on
    VirtioVsockPipe = on
    AndroidbootProps2 = on
    DeviceSkinOverlay = on
    VulkanQueueSubmitWithCommands = on
    VulkanBatchedDescriptorSetUpdate = on
    DeviceStateOnBoot = on

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