Tortoise GIT – Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021


Over a long period of time I am using tortoise git, today I am not able to use the tortoise git and getting the below error.

git.exe pull –progress -v –no-rebase "origin" remote: Support for
password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a
personal access token instead. remote: Please see
for more information.

I am using the latest tortoise git version.
enter image description here

I understand what is the git latest change. But I want to use tortoise git. Someone, please help me out this issue.


Follow the below steps to solve the issue.

  1. Update your git version using git update-git-for-windows

  2. In the windows start button, search Credential Manager and open.

  3. Click the Windows Credential, search and delete the GitHub credential.

  4. Now using tortoise git, pull the code. You will get the below popup.

enter image description here

  1. Click Sign in with your browser in the popup and now you can use tortoise git as like earlier.

Answered By – Sathia

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