TypeError: resources.map is not a function


I am doing a mean stack app, and right now I am working on Home page. But i’m getting a error on UI. I checked chrome console data is fetching properly.

Parent Component

export default function Home() {

    const [resources, setResources]=useState('')

    useEffect(async () => {
       try {
            const res = await resource.getAll();
       } catch(err){
    }, []);

    return (
            <Resource resources={resources.slice(0,2)}></Resource>

Child Component

export default function Resource({resources}) {
    const dataRow = resources.map((value, index) => {
        return <div key={value._id}>
               { value.title }
    return (
        <section className="hero ">
            { dataRow }


Have you tried to init your State as an array instead of an empty string?

const [resources, setResources]=useState([])

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