ui-bootstrap pagination resetting current page on initialization


I am using the pagination directive from the ui-bootstrap (angular-bootstrap) library. I am having an issue when it initializes. My issue occurs when I navigate to a specific page via url.

What is happening is that my controller initializes with the correct page from $stateParams, then the pagination directive initializes and triggers the ng-change function which is resetting the page to 1. Now that on-select-page is no longer used, is there a way to only capture user clicks to change the page? Ideally I would like the directive to initialize before the controller so that my page does not get reset. Thank you in advance.

I can include code if needed, but I feel my question does not necessarily require a code block.


So I found a solution after drilling down into the angular-bootstrap code. Their code has a watch on totalPages that checks if the current page is greater than the totalPages value.

angular-bootstrap code:

if ( $scope.page > value ) {
} else {

What was happening was if I refreshed the page on page 3 (for example) my controller was reloading the items for that page temporarily causing total-items to be 0 and totalPages to be calculated as 1. This triggered the watch and the above code.

My solution was to load the items in the state resolve so that total-items (and in turn totalPages) would always be accurate.

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