Unable to install the .apk generated from .aab due to signing issues


I have installed Android Studio Dolphin | 2021.3.1 for Mac (~993 MiB) recently. I have created .aab file from Build -> Generate Signed Bundle / APK. While generating .aab I have given all the required details like keystore file path, alias and password. After generating .aab I tired to generate .apk from .aab by using following command,

sudo bundletool build-apks --bundle=<.aab location> --output=<.apk location>

Then I encountered with following warning,

WARNING: The APKs won’t be signed and thus not installable unless you
also pass a keystore via the flag –ks. See the command help for more

Now, If I am unable to install the generated .apk file due to signing issues.

May I know the reason behind this warning though I have given all the required details while generating .aab?


It’s a requirement of the Android platform that all APKs must be signed to be installed on a device, so your requirement of "installing unsigned APKs" is simply not possible.

Solutions to get apk from aab

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