Unknown complication type on default Galaxy Watch 4 face


I am trying to investigate and duplicate some complication types I see on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. Namely, this complication (3) on the Info Brick watch face: Screenshot of Wear app on S21

Can anyone tell me what complication type this is?

I’ve been reading documentation on complications in WearOS. There are various non-text types: SMALL_IMAGE, LARGE_IMAGE, ICON.

I wrote a data source "app" and supplied those 3 ComplicationTypes, but none of them show up as options when I try to customize the watch face.


Pulling the comment by @ianhanniballake up to an answer.

Watchfaces developers can make watchfaces with additional data displayed like complications. Particularly for a device manufacturer (OEM) like Samsung, who can safely and securely access additional health data.

These can have different shape, or animations or real time data if the OEM decides to implement them that way.

There are requirements to support the standard complications for OEMs.

But it does mean you can’t replicate all complications you see on Samsung watchfaces.

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