Unsure of await functionallity


I am using discordpy to write a discord bot. When calling an external function from an async function, I am receiving an error telling me I am missing a parameter ‘ctx’ from my function. I believe I have to use the ‘await’ method, however, I am unsure where.

def fromRebootMethod():
    return "Hello"

async def fromReboot(ctx):
    message = await fromRebootMethod()
    await ctx.send(message)

This is the error I am receiving:

TypeError: fromReboot() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘ctx’


I don’t think the provided code sample is completely accurate. Therefore, I am recommending two steps to potentially resolve your issue:

  1. Only use await when calling a function that is defined with the async keyword in the function definition.
  2. Take another look at the fromRebootMethod‘s function definition. It most likely requires a ctx parameter which is why your interpreter is asking for it.

Regardless, we need to see the traceback and real code sample.

Answered By – Joshua Taylor Eppinette

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