Using a for loop in JavaScript to loop over an array of objects


My code and terminal

Just ignore the comments, they are in danish as it is for a school assignment..
I need some help. My loop keeps giving me an undefined value in my terminal, and I can’t seem to find the issue. It is working as it should, and gives me the correct values, but still has those ‘undefined’ ones which irritates me.

EDIT: Has been fixed by @aqq, thx for the help everybody!


As @dikuw mentioned the undefined call might be coming from the gørBeskedPersonlig function being called.

I don’t see that function being defined in your code so that’s probably it, try commenting out the following line:


UPDATE: After reviewing your code, i can see that the function gørBeskedPersonlig was not returning anything.

Updating it to return the new value has fixed the "undefined" error.

function gørBeskedPersonlig(navn){
    return hemmeligBesked.join(' ');

Answered By – aqq

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