Using credentials for ansible-galaxy with private gitlab repo in a Jenkins Job


I have a set of roles that I need to install with ansible-galaxy.

- src: 'https://gitlab.private/role-openstack-net.git'
  scm: 'git'
  version: '1.0.0'
  name: 'role-openstack-net'

- src: 'https://gitlab.private/role-openstack-subnet.git'
  scm: 'git'
  version: '1.0.0'
  name: 'role-openstack-subnet'

In real case, I have about 20 roles.

All the roles are private, so when I run:

ansible-galaxy install -f -c -r galaxy.yml

it asks me for the user / pass for each role, which is kind of bothering

Manually, I do:

git config --global credential.helper store

I enter my credentials once, and then it remembers it for all

But how should I do in a Jenkins Job ?

I saw here there is a way of putting a token:

but it doesn’t seem to be work.

Any idea ?


There is currently no support for passing credential parameters into ansible-galaxy at run time.

It is possible to add the credentials into the requirements.yml, but generally adding credentials into code is not ideal due to the ease that others could one day exploit them.

The solution is to update requirements.yml at run time.

Create a Gitlab Personal Access Token by viewing your profile and updating the settings:

Use the secrets manager of your choice to set the variable PAT_TOKEN with the token at run time.

In your Jenkins script use sed to update requirements.yml before ansible-galaxy install

sed -i "s#https://gitlab.private/#https://oauth2:[email protected]/#g requirements.yml

If you were using Gitlab-ci instead of Jenkins, it is possible to use the existing ci token:

sed -i "s#https://gitlab.private/#https://gitlab-ci-token:[email protected]/#g requirements.yml

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