using ldapsearch to return only a value


using an OPENLDAP server i want to retrieve informations from it with ldapsearch. I created a custom class called iduriclass, this class is used to store an id and an uri. in my ldapsearch command i want it to return only the uri for a specified id.

EXAMPLE : the directory contain now two entries id=test and id=test2

Trying it i get an ldif file that contains all uris in the server

I want to have an ldapsearch command that takes test as argument and returns only a value that is :


Here’s how you query your ldap server.

HOSTNAME=<your ladap hostname>
USERNAME=<your ldap username>
PASSWORD=<your ldap username's password>
SEARCHBASE=<your ldap's search base DN>
PORT=<your ldap port>

ldapsearch -LLL -h ${HOSTNAME} -p $PORT -D cn=${USERNAME} -w ${PASSWORD} -b "${SEARCHBASE}" "(id=${QUERYSTRING})" uri | sed -n 's/^[ \t]*uri:[ \t]*\(.*\)/\1/p'

The option -LLL will not print ldap comments on output. Your ldap may require -x (simple authentication) if it doesn’t support SASL.

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