Using visibility API in Angular?


I have implemented Visibility API inside a constructor of an Angular component similar to this

constructor() {
    var hidden, state, visibilityChange;
    if (typeof document.hidden !== "undefined") {
        hidden = "hidden";
        visibilityChange = "visibilitychange";
        state = "visibilityState";

    document.addEventListener(visibilityChange, function() {
        if(status == hidden){
        else if(status != hidden){
    }, false);

    //Video pause code

I need to pause the video i.e., call the pauseVideo() method when the Visibility changes to hidden, How do i do it?


I don’t know why you say document.hidden does not work in the event listener as it works just fine for me:

  , () => { 
    if (document.hidden) { 
      console.log("document is hidden");
      console.log("document is showing");

If you have an error of sorts could you open the dev tools (F12) and inspect the console? Maybe break on the error and see what’s wrong?

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