Validate an UserDto class in spring boot with Angular


I’m trying to validate a userDto class with @Valid sending a form-data from an angular application like this:

Angular Form:

this.form.append('password', this.user.password);
this.form.append('firstName', this.user.firstName);
this.form.append('lastName', this.user.lastName);
this.form.append('enable', `${this.user.enable}`);
this.form.append('roles', JSON.stringify(this.user.roles));
this.form.append('file', this.file);


Controller class:

    public ResponseEntity<Object> save(@Valid UserDto userDto, @RequestPart("file") MultipartFile file) throws IOException {, file.getOriginalFilename()), file);
        return new ResponseEntity<>(HttpStatus.CREATED);

UserDTO class:

public class UserDto {
    private Integer id;

    @NotEmpty(message = "email is required")
    private String email;
    @NotEmpty(message = "password is required")
    private String password;
    @NotEmpty(message = "first name is required")
    private String firstName;

    @NotEmpty(message = "last name is required")
    private String lastName;

    private String photo;
    private String enable;
    private String roles;

    public User convertToUser(UserDto userDto, String photoName) {

        User user = new User();

        ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
        try {
            List<Role> rolesDto = 

            Set<Role> roles = Set.copyOf(rolesDto);

        } catch (Exception e) {

        return user;

But if I pass an empty form-data the class that throws an exception is my User class, I wanted that the UserDto throw the exception not the User class.

I tried to use the @RequestBody annotation with @Valid but I’m using formdata in angular not json format.

Is there a way to validate a form-data in spring boot passing the form to a DTO class that do not have an @Entity annotation?


You can use the Validator interface from org.hibernate.validator to validate DTO’s. For more info about Hibernate Validator. Or you can look through Spring boot : non-entity bean validation not working and Why does validation not work on objects of type DTO, but only on entities.

public class Car {

    private String manufacturer;

    @Size(min = 2, max = 14)
    private String licensePlate;

    private int seatCount;

    public Car(String manufacturer, String licencePlate, int seatCount) {
        this.manufacturer = manufacturer;
        this.licensePlate = licencePlate;
        this.seatCount = seatCount;

    //getters and setters ...
package org.hibernate.validator.referenceguide.chapter01;

import java.util.Set;
import jakarta.validation.ConstraintViolation;
import jakarta.validation.Validation;
import jakarta.validation.Validator;
import jakarta.validation.ValidatorFactory;

import org.junit.BeforeClass;
import org.junit.Test;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;

public class CarTest {

    private static Validator validator;

    public static void setUpValidator() {
        ValidatorFactory factory = Validation.buildDefaultValidatorFactory();
        validator = factory.getValidator();

    public void manufacturerIsNull() {
        Car car = new Car( null, "DD-AB-123", 4 );

        Set<ConstraintViolation<Car>> constraintViolations =
                validator.validate( car );

        assertEquals( 1, constraintViolations.size() );
        assertEquals( "must not be null", constraintViolations.iterator().next().getMessage() );

    public void licensePlateTooShort() {
        Car car = new Car( "Morris", "D", 4 );

        Set<ConstraintViolation<Car>> constraintViolations =
                validator.validate( car );

        assertEquals( 1, constraintViolations.size() );
                "size must be between 2 and 14",

    public void seatCountTooLow() {
        Car car = new Car( "Morris", "DD-AB-123", 1 );

        Set<ConstraintViolation<Car>> constraintViolations =
                validator.validate( car );

        assertEquals( 1, constraintViolations.size() );
                "must be greater than or equal to 2",

    public void carIsValid() {
        Car car = new Car( "Morris", "DD-AB-123", 2 );

        Set<ConstraintViolation<Car>> constraintViolations =
                validator.validate( car );

        assertEquals( 0, constraintViolations.size() );

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