Value undefined in express route


I have declared this method here

exports.postRedisValue = function(req,res) {
    let keyRedis = req.body.key;
    let valueRedis = req.body.value;

    console.log(keyRedis); //throws undefined 
    if(keyRedis && valueRedis){
        res.send(`Key and value are now set key is ${keyRedis} and value ${valueRedis}`);
        res.send("Missing key or value");


When i am trying to create a key and a value in redis through a form

In routes.js I have declared the route'/createKeyValue',redisController.postRedisValue);

In the server.js I have declared starting point

const redisRoute = require('../routes/routes');

const app = express();

const PORT = 3001;


app.listen(PORT,() =>{
    console.log("SERVER r");

But it keeps throwing undefined variable when trying to send a post request to /redisLogic/createKeyValue. What am i missing ?

The request that is being sent

enter image description here


Seems that you have not made use of body-parser npm package in your application.

Try using body-parser npm package

Install it with.

npm install --save body-parser

And inside your node app, use it with

const bodyParser = require('body-parser');

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