ValueError: Unknown initializer with clone_model and custom initialization


I created the minimum working example. You can reproduce it here

I created my own Initializer called ComplexGlorotUniform(Initializer).

Then I created a file like: init_dispatcher = {"complex_glorot_uniform": ComplexGlorotUniform()}

Finally, I did:

from tensorflow.keras.utils import get_custom_objects


I generated a sequential model of Dense layers using kernel_initializer="complex_glorot_uniform".

Now when using tf.keras.models.clone_model I get the error:

ValueError: Unknown initializer: ComplexGlorotUniform. Please ensure this object is passed to the `custom_objects` argument. See 

I DO think the custom_object is working correctly because he knows it’s ComplexGlorotUniform and not the string I gave. Also, the layer is created correctly, is when calling the clone model method that it gets broken.


Well, I am still unsure why but I solved it by changing the init_dispatcher to init_dispatcher = {"ComplexGlorotUniform": ComplexGlorotUniform} to make the name match the string.

I guess it is Ok as it works for me but I am unsure if this is how it is supposed to work.

Answered By – Agustin Barrachina

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