VBA Selenium Scraping text from label


How do I extract the following "label" using the chrome driver in Selenium for VBA? The information that I want is "Character 3"


<label for="frmentermemorableinformation1:strEnterMemorableInformation_memInfo1">Character 3 &nbsp;</label>


To print the text Character 3 you can use either of the following locator strategies:

  • Using css_selector:

    Debug.Print .FindElementByCss("label[for^='frmentermemorableinformation1'][for$='strEnterMemorableInformation_memInfo1']").Text
  • Using xpath:

    Debug.Print .FindElementByXPath("//label[starts-with(@for, 'frmentermemorableinformation1') and contains(@for, 'strEnterMemorableInformation_memInfo1')]").Text

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