Vertical Line in Android Studio


I don’t know why but sometime in Android Studio Editor, it shows vertical line as shown in screenshot below.

Don’t know about other editor but it happens in Android Studio.

So why it is showing and how to hide it?

Android Studio shows Vertical Line in Editor


That line historically represents the margin of A4 paper, which is useful only if you need to print the code.
Old school says that you should keep your code inside that margin, to guarantee much portability.

But.. nowadays in the real life, it makes no sense to me! Because we always use advanced editors, bigger displays, and I never needed to print any single line of code.

So, if you want to do it:

Newer versions

Editor -> General -> Appearance -> Show hard wrap guide

Older versions

Editor -> General -> Appearance -> Show right margin


Editor -> Appearance -> Show right margin

For Mac

To remove line go to:- Preference-> Editor -> General -> Appearance -> Show hard wrap and visual guides. Uncheck it to remove.

Answered By – Luca Corradi

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