VIES VAT number validation


How to incorporate a form on our website to validate the VIES? I find information to validate it through the website of the European Union.

And what interest me is validate directly from the form of payment data from my website.


This websites sends an ordinary HTML form to a server.

The simplest solution is to pass the params in the URL and use file_get_contents to get the response.

The response can then be parsed to extract the information you want. Not tested, but shows the idea:

$country1 = 'PL';
$country2 = 'PL';
$vatnum1 = '123456';
$vatnum2 = '789012';

//Prepare the URL
$url = ''.$country1.'&iso='.$country1.'&vat='.$vatnum1.'&name=&companyType=&street1=&postcode=&city=&requesterMs='.$country2.'&requesterIso='.$country2.'&requesterVat='.$vatnum2.'&BtnSubmitVat=Verify';

$response = file_get_contents($url);
// Do sth with the response
echo $response;

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