Virtual host returns 404 when i add file path


i’m having a problem whit a web-site project i’m developing by myself.
I’ve downloaded XAMPP to manage the web-site server, db and files, than i configured a virtual host so now when i go to the url, it opens the index.html as i wanted.
The problem is that if i add something to the URL (like the server responds whit an error 404.
These are the settings of the ‘httpd-vhosts.conf’ file:httpd-vhosts.conf

Can you help me whit this?


I solved my problem, what i wanted to do was (when apache doesn’t find a page) showing the index.html instead of the default apache’s 404 error page.
To do so all i needed to do i to add ‘ErrorDocument 404 /index.html’ in my vhost.config file.

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