VS Code Flutter shortcuts equivalent to Android Studio Flutter


I am looking for a few things to improve my productivity, Android Studio has these features and it really sped up my work, if you know any of these please share.

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Space equivalent in VS Code Flutter. What it did in Android Studio was auto complete a statement. For example if I typed in if and then hit Ctrl+Shift+Space, the if condition code block would be completed for me automatically with () and {} after it, with putting the cursor within the condition.
  2. Code snippets for things like for loops. On Android Studio you could type in iter and then Tab, it would create for (var _ in ) {} and automatically jump to both variables to fill their names on two Enter keystrokes.

These were great for me, please share if these exist in VS Code, as I understand it is supposed to be superior.


You should install dart extension for VSCode.

dart extension if snippet
enter image description here

In order to prioritize the extension snippets and have these ones for the first suggestion, go to File/Settings/Text Editor/Suggestions and set Snippet Suggestions to top. Now it looks like

enter image description here

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