VS Code says a setting is "Modified elsewhere," but not in settings.json. How do I find where?


I have a setting in Visual Studio Code that says it was "Modified elsewhere," but that modification isn’t in the User or Workspace settings.json:

enter image description here

enter image description here

How do I find this modification? By that I mean, what are the possibilities? Could it be an extension? Could it be some non-settings.json configuration file? Could this merely mean another project modifies it in its Workspace settings?

I ran $ ag --hidden --ignore-dir '.git' editor.codeActionsOnSave in my workspace directory (from a Cygwin terminal), and found zero results. Could the modification go by a different name?

This comment may be more suitable for a VS Code feature request, but I feel like if VS Code knows enough to tell me it’s been modified, it should know enough to tell me where—otherwise, how would it know?


Hover your mouse over the "Modified elsewhere" text and it should tell you where:

tooltip for modified elsewhere

A tooltip should show up as indicated in this issue.

Hovering over the indicator should reveal a custom hover that notes down where else the setting has been modified.

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