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I’m having issues with an empty container at the end of my WordPress posts body. I know what cause the problem and I tried to fix it but it somehow affects footer bottom padding too.

Here is the link:

This is the code which causes the problem: .main-container .row-container .double-bottom-padding { padding-bottom: 72px; }

Here what you see before I change the CSS code

and when I change to this: .main-container .row-container .double-bottom-padding { padding-bottom: 0px; }

It fixes the problem but removes the bottom padding of the footer too.
Here shows how

How can I fix this issue?



It looks like your issue is this class

".double-bottom-padding" included in your declaration:

.main-container .row-container .double-bottom-padding { padding-bottom: 72px; }

This class adds padding for the footer. If you’d like to remove the padding from ".main-container" but not ".double-bottom-padding", either remove ".main-container" from the above declaration or write an additional statement in your css

.double-bottom-padding { padding-bottom:72px }

Answered By – Chris Rock

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