What is best Git client for Mac Os with my own server?


Well, I tried GitHub for Mac – very useful thing, but I don’t want to share my private code with other (sorry folks from github, but there are commercial projects).

Also I tried to deal with SourceTree – also, awesome thing, and private Atlassian Bitbucket.

But I still couldn’t find the client, which can support my own server.
Is it possible?


Sourcetree certainly supports local git installations, as does Tower.

You’re thinking about it wrong. You’re thinking that because SourceTree only asks you about entering credentials for BitBucket, GitHub or Kiln that that’s the only type of git server you can use. That’s incorrect. It has those authentication dialogs for those services because those services provide extra features beyond just git hosting, so a login is required.

In the case of a standard shared repository rather than a commercial service, just do File->New and in the clone repository dialog, enter the URL of the shared repository. If you have already cloned it via the command-line, then click on the “Add working copy” button instead and point SourceTree to where it exists on your disk.

Once you have the repository cloned, you can pull and push from/to the central repository same as you would if you were using the command-line. All this is true with Tower as well.

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